Our new production reinforcement by MAZAK

We are introducing a new 5-axis CNC machining center Mazak Variaxis i-600 into production. It will be part of the upcoming Erowa Dynamic robotic production line.


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Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the L410 aircraft, where we also supply the components

The L410 aircraft celebrated its 50th birthday and we were there!

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For more than 10 years we have been a proud supplier of mechanical components for this beautiful aircraft, and we are also newly involved in the production of components for the most modern version of NG, whose serial production is starting now.

We would like to congratulate the aircraft as well as all the wonderful people from Kunovice company Aircraft Industries for this significant anniversary and we look forward to further co-operation!


Cleanroom assembly per ISO 14644-1 class 7

We are launching a newly built assembly premises with clean environment according to ISO 14644-1 class 7 (max. 10,000 dust particles  per ft3).

Our cleanrooms are also equipped with an ultrasonic cleaning device, compressed nitrogen distribution and a Pfeiffer Vacuum ASM 340D helium vacuum leakage detector.

The first project for our cleanrooms is a subassembly of an electron microscope, but other projects will follow soon.

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Two new CNC machines

We are introducing 2 brand new CNC machines to our production. The machines were produced by the top-class Japanese producer, company Yamazaki Mazak corporation:




Compared with the standard configuration, our machine is additionally equipped with a high-torque spindle, pallet changer and a tool magazine with 120 positions. The new machine will be used for production of electron microscopes chambers in our new production site in Rosice.


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The new machine will be used for the production of servomotors rotors in our production site in Ricany.

New CNC lathe by MAZAK

We are introducing a brand new CNC lathe Mazak Quick Turn 100MS from company Yamazaki Mazak corporation to our production. The machine is equipped with two spindles, driven tools, bar feeder and finished pieces accumulator. The new lathe will be used mainly for the production of the accurate parts for servomotor, in fully automatic mode.


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