Medium, small-series & piece production

We specialise in medium, small-series and piece production of complex and precise parts. We also carry out assemblies in a clean environment, balancing rotary parts, material cutting and small metalwork. All our internal processes incl. production are controlled according to aviation standards, especially according to EN AS9100.

We comprehensively
deal with orders

  • Development
  • Design
  • Technology
  • Production
  • Service
  • Micron precision and quality workmanship
  • Machining on high-end machines
  • We also make what seems unmanufacturable
  • We own quality certificates

We co-operate with customers from the Czech Republic as well as abroad (USA, France, Austria, Denmark, Germany, Slovakia, Great Britain ...).

We supply components for aerospace and cosmic technology (aircraft engines, fuel pumps, structural elements of airplanes and space probes ...), scientific instruments (electron microscopes, nano-level spectrometers, laser interferometers,...) and equipment for automation and robotic applications (servomotors) , automation lines...).

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We produce
all over the world
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