Products for aerospace and space industry

Our production programme is partly focused on the aerospace and space industry. For this production we‘ve also implemented a quality management system according to the EN AS9100 rev. D standard.
Currently, we supply components for various systems of civilian and military aircraft, our products can be found e.g. in Airbus (hydraulic and interior elements), Pilatus (brake systems), Dassault (fuel pumps), Let L-410 (fuel control, GE H80 turboprop engine components), helicopters MIL MI (auxiliary power units) or Embraer KC-390 (handling elements).
Our components are also installed in the flight version of the ESA Solar Orbiter spacecraft, which was launched in 2020 to investigate our closest star from close proximity (about 50 million km).
Parts for the aircraft industry are usually made from special materials, such as "aircraft" aluminium (7000 class).

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