Manufacturing programme

Servomotor components

We're been manufacturing mechanical servomotor components since 1993. Currently we produce parts for approximately 50,000 servomotors per year, but in small-series mode (typical production batch is 10 pieces of one type).

In our production programme we have e.g.

  • Complete rotors – i.e. shafts fitted with permanent magnets, secured by a bandage and dynamically balanced.
  • flanges
  • engine bodies (skeletons)
  • connector houses

These parts are made of carbon steel and aluminium as standard.

Components of electron microscopes

For the world's leading electron microscopes manufacturers, we supply mechanical components such as vacuum chambers, sample manipulators, connector housings, flanges, etc. This is a single-piece and small-series production of mostly complex and high-precision components where we can fully utilise the capabilities of our five-axis and multifunctional CNC machines.

Since 2019, we're been assembling electron microscope sub-assemblies in a clean environment (ISO 14644-1 class 7 - max. 10,000 cubic feet of dust particles) and conducting internal vacuum tightness tests using a helium detector.

Electron microscopes parts are made of carbon or stainless steel and aluminium, but often also from special materials such as Behanit, Permalloy, Mu-metal or Titanium.

Components of other scientific instruments

Electron microscopes component production is followed by the production of components of other devices with similar character, such as ion and laser spectrometers and interferometers, which are used for the analysis of materials with a wide application field (semi-conductor industry, material science, medical applications, etc.).

In this case too, it's a piece and very small series production of complex and very precise parts.

Since 2015, we have also carried out assemblies of sub-assemblies of Raman (laser) spectrometers.

Products for aerospace and space industry

Our production programme is partly focused on the aerospace and space industry. For this production we‘ve also implemented a quality management system according to the EN AS9100 rev. D standard.
Currently, we supply components for various systems of civilian and military aircraft, our products can be found e.g. in Airbus (hydraulic and interior elements), Pilatus (brake systems), Dassault (fuel pumps), Let L-410 (fuel control, GE H80 turboprop engine components), helicopters MIL MI (auxiliary power units) or Embraer KC-390 (handling elements).
Our components are also installed in the flight version of the ESA Solar Orbiter spacecraft, which was launched in 2020 to investigate our closest star from close proximity (about 50 million km).
Parts for the aircraft industry are usually made from special materials, such as "aircraft" aluminium (7000 class).


We supply components, sub-assemblies and assemblies of a wide range of automation and robotic systems. In addition to the pallet clamping system we've developed, we also produce components e.g. for robotic automatic welding machines (pneumatic and servo systems) used in the automotive industry and other components of autonomous production lines.

Nuclear and energy programme

Our production is suitably complemented by the production of components used in the nuclear and energy industries. We have technologies for processing special forgings used in secondary cooling systems of nuclear power plants and for the production of blades for steam turbines.
In the recent past, we participated in the supply of components for the completion of the Slovak nuclear power plant of Mochovce and for the refurbishment of steam turbines for several heating plants. Products for the nuclear and power industries are mainly made of special, heat-resistant stainless steels.


Products for the petrochemical industry

Since 2005, we have been supplying components and sub-assemblies of special control valves used e.g. in refineries, chemical plants as well as in marine engines. Valves are often used in very demanding environments, which corresponds to the choice of input materials - in addition to standard stainless steel and PTFE, we also produce components from special materials such as Hastelloy, Duplex or PEEK.

Machinery and equipment

We produce components for single-purpose and multi-purpose machines, which for example, are used for producing packaging materials, preparing accurate material samples for further research and also for printing of various materials. Our products are used in machines of well-known manufacturers from Europe (Denmark, Switzerland) and the USA.

Food industry

Recently, we've started deliveries of components for specialised submarine devices that are used to kill parasites attacking salmonids using a laser beam. These components are mainly made of aluminium and plastic and must be protected with a thick coating to withstand the harsh saltwater environment.

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