STARTECH aims for space!


This morning, with the mighty thunder of the  ATLAS V rocket's engines at the Cape Canaveral, the space probe Solar Orbiter was launched to the Earth's orbit.

We are extremely proud that we have also been able to contribute to the success of this important project for the human race.

In 2015 we produced components for the Solar Orbiter's test version, and a year later we supplied the mechanical components of the flight version that is now leaving our planet. To date, STARTECH products have been used by our customers on the ground, in the air, underground, at sea and under the sea.
So now we have conquered another domain - the space.








The space probe Solar Orbiter mission is a joint project of the European Space Agency (ESA) and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), which goal is the exploration of the Sun from immediate proximity.
The probe will study the Sun's heliosphere, yet unexplored areas of the Sun's poles, effects of the magnetic field, solar wind and observe various anomalies, like the Sun's spots, coronal holes, prominences etc. The exploration will be carried out in the visible, ultraviolet and X-ray spectrum.

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Now the spacecraft will be accelerated by a multiple "gravitional slingshot" with use of the gravity fields of planets Earth and Venus and then will be "anchored" on the Sun's orbit at a distance of 0,284 astronomical unit (c. 42 mil. km, which is closer than the orbit of planet Mercury).


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