New CNC band saw in our production!

Today we have installed a new CNC band saw Pegas-Gonda 400x400 HERKULES X.


pila pegas

New CNC grinding machine

The new swiss-made CNC cylindrical O.D. / I.D. grinding machine  is being installed in our Říčany site. The new machine will help us with the production of the servomotor rotors & flanges and expand our technological capabilities in the grinding area, as well.


New photovoltaic powerplant

Today we launched a new photovoltaic powerplant, which had been installed on the roofs of buildings in our Rosice site.

20200722 131010
20200522 143750 


STARTECH aims for space!


This morning, with the mighty thunder of the  ATLAS V rocket's engines at the Cape Canaveral, the space probe Solar Orbiter was launched to the Earth's orbit.

We are extremely proud that we have also been able to contribute to the success of this important project for the human race.



New CNC multifunctional machining centre Mazak Integrex i200-ST

We have installed a new CNC multifunctional (mill-turn) machininig centre Mazak Integrex i200-ST in our workshop.

integrex i200ST



New 5-axis machining centre Mazak Variaxis i-800

We launched a new 5-axis milling machine Mazak Variaxis i-800. It will be used mainly for the production of chambers of electron microscopes and mass spectrometers.



Robotic cell Erowa Dynamic

Today we are launching a new robotic production cell EROWA Dynamic, which is equipped with two 5-axis machining centers MAZAK Variaxis i600 and a workpiece clamping system of our own design. This is the third and most advanced robotic line in our production.

erowa dynamic



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